Wedding & Gift Packages

Wedding & Gift Packages

Wedding & Gift Packages

We offer elegant wedding and gift packages for the special day or occasion! We’re proud of our exceptional selection of premium cigars, expertly chosen for the best in flavor, aroma, and quality. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift box or package to commemorate a special event or an important wedding milestone, we have the perfect selection. Our cigar packages are packed with high-quality cigar brands, carefully chosen to match any taste palette or price point. With boxes for single smokers and multi-packers alike, we make finding the perfect gift or wedding decoration easy and enjoyable. 

At Cigar Room 2, you can even customize your cigar gift packages, taking your special day, event, or milestone to the next level. We have all the accessories you'll need for that perfect gift, from cigar boxes and cases to your favorite cigar brands. We also offer a selection of specialty cigars to give your gifts an added wow factor. Plus, with our expertise, you can customize cigar brands and flavors to match any smoker's profile, be it a novice or an aficionado. We don’t just offer cigars; we offer the best selection of cigar gifts and accessories, ensuring that your special day is perfect. 

Make your special day even more memorable with Cigar Room 2. Come check out our selection today and experience the ultimate luxury of high-quality cigars. Let us show you why Cigar Room 2 is the area’s most trusted cigar lounge. We look forward to helping you find the perfect package for your special day. With our customized cigar gift packages, you can send something unique and special and make any occasion even more special. Our team of cigar experts and gift packages can help create the perfect gift, revolutionizing the way you show your love and appreciation. Let us customize your cigar gift package, making it the best gift for those you love and making your day unforgettable.

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